CE Scheme Vacancy–HOUSEHOLD ASSISTANT in St Michael’s Family Centre

If interested please check your eligibility for CE and contact us on

071 9170329 or centrestmichaels@gmail.com

Hours of work are:

9am to 1.pm Monday to Thursday and 9 to 12.30 pm on Fridays. 19.5 hours per week.

Check in with office each morning to check duties for the day; check in again before leaving.

Duties include:

  • Cleaning kitchen to a high standard including presses; work surfaces; tables; floors; sinks; dishwasher; fridge;  kitchen ware; cutlery. Ensuring dishwasher is filled and emptied. Ensuring towels and kitchen cloths are washed and dried.
  • Sanitising all door handles and surfaces each morning
  • Ensuring that rooms are sanitised before use
  • Keeping pantry tidy and keeping check on what storage items are needed e.g. tea, coffee, biscuits and cleaning products
  • Hoovering, dusting and polishing rooms; emptying bins daily
  • Keeping bathrooms clean including emptying bins; cleaning wash basins; toilets; window ledges; floors; replacing toilet paper and ensuring sufficient paper towels are in place.
  • Making and serving tea, coffee to users of the centre. Preparing trays of light refreshments
  • Preparing trays for use in upstairs rooms
  • Inspect first aid kit on a weekly basis and inform office of what may be needed

Flexibility needed in the following: Help with moving furniture on occasions

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