Rainbow Programme Facilitators Wanted

Rainbows provides group support programmes for children and young people who have experienced a bereavement or the separation of their parents.

The programme offers listening support in groups for children and young people of a similar age and loss. The programmes are delivered by trained facilitators over a ten-week period for an hour each week. 

The Rainbows programmes help and support children/young people to positively adapt and adjust to significant change and loss in their lives.

Children and young people can find it very helpful to meet others in a similar situation to themselves.

This service is a free service.

We are currently seeking to recruit volunteer Facilitators to train and join the Rainbows team in St Michael’s Family Centre where the programme has been provided for 25 years. Each successful applicant will be required to attend a four-day training event. Dates for this online training are:

Saturday and Sunday May 8th and 9th and May 22nd and 23rd. These are full days.

 Application forms are available from  centrestmichaels@gmail.com . Please email or call 087 3902661/0719170329 for further information.

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