As the country begins its journey back to some sort of new normal, the outdoor CE staff in St Michael’s have resumed work on the grounds. Hopefully we will see the fruits of their work in the coming months. All guidelines will be followed by Martin and Josef in their work.

Please be aware that although we are not open for face to face counselling, referrals can still be taken and will be passed on immediately to a counsellor who will get in touch promptly. A conversation with the counsellor or a phone counselling session may be of great help at the present moment so please get in touch if you feel you need someone to talk to

Hopefully there will be a further increase in our service after the 8th June with a return to near normal after July 20th. We are aware that the remainder of the year is still very uncertain and because of this, for the first time in 25 years we will not publish an Autumn brochure of courses this August.
We will however publish a leaflet with our services which should be available in September.

We ask all our friends, users, groups and tutors to be patient and to continue to support the centre during this time of uncertainty

2 thoughts on “Update

  1. I was looking to get on the gardening programe. Could you provide me with some info. If it is later in the year i dont mind as i would like to plant some wintet veg.

    1. Hi Ronnie
      we are hoping the garden will get going over the next few weeks and will get in touch with you as soon as we know for certain. We normally take names of new people and then they attend a 10 week course in the garden but this year things will be different.
      Ring the office on 071 9170329 towards the middle of next week and we should have some information for you then,.
      Eileen sheridan

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